Five for the price of one

A whistlestop tour of the blogposts I would have written if I was on top of all that social media stuff:

Manifesto #2 – installed at AirSpace Gallery in Stoke for their Yardenfest, the closing event of the excellent and provocative Pigdog and Monkeyfestos exhibition, a cornucopia (or should I say stomach purge) of artist’s manifestoes, including a concrete marrowfesto from Sarah Lucas and some great work by Dom from Luton and someone whose name I can’t remember but whose love letter to General Gordon made me laugh a lot.

C PAGES artist exchange with CG Associates and Extra Special People, hosted by TOAST in Manchester and Stryx in Birmingham.

Marina Abramovic at the Serpentine – stillness and safety in the city, or a disquieting demonstration of our will to obedience, and desire to put our trust in a charismatic authority figure.

British Folk Art at the Tate – amazing work, but why so much more male than female production? Why a whole room of figureheads?

BAA – exhibition at Bury Art Gallery – a physical manifestation of the BAA manifesto; my piece, about the responsibility of the artist – a golden (boom boom) opportunity to gild a mushroom (but the mushroom inclusions were inspired to pick up the airdrying clay by the Island Universes exhibition at Piccadilly Place, a fitting swansong for that free art space).

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